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Sasha Chernyshova

Marketing Specialist and Project Manager

Life Moto: “Everything Happens for a reason”

Passions: Dance, Family, Nature, Real Estate

In the process of pursuing my goals of being a professional dancer, I met the people I would later buy my first property and develop my love for real estate with. Starting and building Ellétte Visions with my close friends has been an aspiration, as we sought to create something bigger than our selves. Helping and inspiring the different people we come across in our professional lives is a very rewarding experience. We make it a priority to develop long lasting relationships with the people we encounter, and to provide astounding customer service.

Eugene Simac

Client Relations and Rehab Specialist

Life Moto: “Your future tomorrow is created by what you do today”

Passions: Travel, Business, Family, Real Estate

After graduating college in my home country, I set the goal to create something that would change people’s life styles; Something that would help turn their dreams into reality. That is when my journey brought me to the united states, and I came across the opportunity to first change peoples lives through dance, and then to change their lives through real estate. That is why Ellette Visions is more than just a Real Estate Company that buys and sells properties. It is our mission to help our customers leave with the warm feeling of comfort and to introduce them to properties that incorporate new technologies and style. We are always ready to listen and understand the need of our customers, and we will do everything to make sure they get excellent service. Ellette Vision is moving in a new direction and is ready to take Real Estate to the next level of services.

Alex Lapkovskiy

Financial Analyst and Director of Acquisitions

Life Moto: “When your life flashes before your eyes make sure you have plenty to watch. ”

Passions: Family, Adventure, Rock climbing, Real Estate

Once I completed my bachelor degree in Finance, I started working for a large IT company. After almost 2 years I realized I needed to see the world and found work on cruise lines. Several years of traveling later, I moved to Miami and fell in love with real estate business. I got my realtor license and started working as an agent for a Miami company. My passion brought me to NYC. That is when I met Sasha and Eugene and it appeared all of us want the same thing – to enhance peoples lives through real estate.

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